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In New York

Call 1-718-506-8345 2007. 11. 19. 12:32

If you need to contact to me from Korea, please call 00700-1-718-506-8345.
Of course, you can choose other companies you want like 001(KT) or 002(Dacom) instead of 00700. I'm ready to get a call. I bought a cell phone last Friday, 16 Nov. It's Helio phone powered by SK telecom. You can get more information from Helio website. (

You can send SMS messages to me with using that phone number. It's amazing, huh!
(refer to

Nowadays, I'm a little bit busy to find a housing and browse the city. Sorry for late updates. Please be patient for me. Thanx a lot.

Have a nice day!


I can't write in Korean, because this computer using English Windows is not mine.

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