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SketchBook tested on my phone 본문


SketchBook tested on my phone 2009. 12. 12. 10:46

I tried to draw simple drawing with one of popular app in iTunes store 'SketchBook' express couple of days ago. It's free as you know. It has good interface and funtions which you to be able to share your work and save to your photo library. Regular version has more funtions like adding layers up to 6 and can keep it even when you save your work. It makes me so fun and can't to stop using it. My son is also very exciting with it. I'd like to buy some kind of a stylus pen for it. It's funny, isn't it? Or I need to make my finger shaper like a pen. Scared... :-)

Anyway, here is the drawing I got first time. Of course it's not a great work but I think it's not bad starts as a test and it was fun time as a designer.

I guess you are curious what it is. I 'Guess' it's a golden egg from goose. :-)

// Han

Written on my iPhone.

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