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Sweet function on the fb 2011. 5. 27. 08:54

WOW.. This is so awesome! I didn't know that actually before.

Have you ever tried to back up all your information on the facebook, including your wall posts, photos, videos, messages, and friends list? I just downloaded all my data from the facebook to my computer. Yes, I DOWNLOADED all. There is great function on the facebook.

Just go to your account settings and click 'Learn more' in Download section.
Simply click the download button. Gathering and zipping all your information in the facebook will be started. When it's done you will be received email. Just follow the link in the email and click 'Download Now'. You will get zip file which has all your information.

That's it.

Extract it and just launch index file. You may surprise - I did - because of all pages which The facebook organized your data so well.

Pretty awesome feature and very useful especially when someone wants to deactivate his/her facebook account and keeps all information on the local like me. Now I can understand why the facebook is the best social network service in the world. They know human being so well in an emotional aspect.


정말 쿨함!! 이런거 보면.. 페이스북 정말... 유저를 잘 아는 서비스.


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