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추억 백업중 2010. 11. 4. 01:09

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10여년동안 찍은 사진과영상을 한방에 날릴뻔한 사건을 겪고 맘먹고 백업중.

I’m backing up all my photos and videos to Blu-rays to avoid losing all my memories at once since the datas are almost gone from my hdd couple of days ago. Ughh.. LG NAS. I spent a lot of times to recover datas on the hdd but I failed. Fortunately I had backed up the datas to another hdd last year. Thx God!

Alternative way I used for a long time to keep my media more safely is using Flickr and Vimeo. I love to use it as often as possible because I can download my fotos and videos from them as an original. That is main reason why I pay for them.

I feel some nice solution/tool/space/media which is much more safe and easy to manage is needed for most people. This is one of my personal wishes and goals.

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